SC1/SC1+ FAQ V1.0

Sophon发表于:2018年02月05日 12:21:07更新于:2018年02月05日 12:21:47

1.    How to check the driver version of SC1/SC1+?

Execute “sudo apt-cache show bmdnn-dkms” in the terminal, the driver version will be shown as below graph


Or “dpkg -l bmdnn-dkms”


Both these two commands can check the driver version.


2.    How to know the board is SC1 or SC1+?

Execute “test_md_scalar |grep nodechip_num” in the terminal and check the message output of nodechip_num as below graph. 1 means the card is SC1 and 2 means the card is SC1+.



3.    How to know how many boards inside the server?

Execute ”ls /dev | grep bm” in the terminal and check the message output as below graph. The number shown in last word of “Bm1680-dev0” means how many boards are inside the server. For example, if the return message is bm1680-dev0,it means only 1 card there. If the return message is bm1680-dev1, it means there are two cards inside the server.



4.    How to check if SC1/SC1+ work normally?

Execute ‘test_md_scalar” in the terminal as below graph and if the return message shows open and close, it means the card works normally.